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Ezra G. Goldstein

Ph.D. Candidate at Florida State University

Florida State University

Charly Leblanc Webpage

PhD Candidate in Physics

Quantum Optoelectronics and Nanophotonics. University Clermont Auvergne - CNRS

Personal Informatics


Lightweight Structure Dynamics Group

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Michael Edmonds

University of Canterbury

Usman Afzali

Psychology PhD Candidate and Fixed-term Lecturer

University of Canterbury

Scott W. Danielson

PhD student in moral psychology at the University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury

Ritesh Goenka

Graduate Student at UBC Mathematics

University of British Columbia

Ash Catton

PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology Student

University of Canterbury

JacqueLENS PhD

"There have always been highly capable women wanting to be scientists." Rita Colwell, PhD

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