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Owlstown is an easy-to-use website builder tailored to sharing academic content. It is also an online community for sharing and discovering great research.

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What makes Owlstown different

There are many website builders out there, but Owlstown is the only one tailored to the unique needs of academics.

Unlike generic website builders, Owlstown is designed to showcase your research content: publications, projects, courses, CV, etc.

Some builders have complicated features that give you a lot of control over the website design and code. But who has time for all of that?

Owlstown is user-friendly and intuitive, so you can easily maintain a professional website. No code, no server maintenance, no hassle.

BTW, Owlstown is also an online community, so others can easily find your research content. And you can discover great research from other academic websites.

Thousands of academics around the world have discovered the joy of using Owlstown. Start your Owlstown website and join this growing community.

—Ian, creator of Owlstown 🦉

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Why academics love us

Starting is easy
With Owlstown, there is no complicated server or code to setup. Select a theme, write your name, import some publications. Voila, you have an academic website!
Stay updated
Owlstown gives you the tools to keep your website updated easily. Update your list of publications with a click of a button. Edit your content while on your desktop or on your mobile device.
All types of content
Create and maintain different types of academic content. Owlstown supports publications, projects, people, courses, news, custom pages, contact info, CV, and social links.
Beautiful themes
Select from a set of themes specifically designed for the needs is academics. Customize themes with your favorite colors and fonts. Add banners and images to make your pages visually appealing.
Mobile-friendly websites
Your academic website will look great on every screen: desktop, tablet, or mobile. Without the hassle of fiddling with HTML or CSS.
Collaborate with others to add content to your academic website. Perfect for labs, research groups, and organizations.

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Plus more features

Unlimited pages
No ads
Free Owlstown domain
Free hosting
Free SSL security
Web-based editor
Mobile-friendly themes
Customize colors and fonts
Any type of academic content
Import publications
BibTeX import and export
Blog posts
Free stock photos
Rich content
Markdown or visual text
Embed PDFs
Embed tweets
Embed videos
Embed Google Slides
Embed Google Spreadsheets
Embed Google Docs

What academics are saying

If you haven't made your personal academic website yet bc it seems like too much hassle, check out Owlstown. Their UI makes it super easy and simple for you to create your website quickly and with less headache
—Brittany Trinh, PhD student
I 100% love Owlstown. I’ve coded & built websites before but don’t have time now. Mine looks good (I think) & is easy to make & customize. And free!!
—Lindy J. Johnson, PhD student
thanks to Owlstown for creating such a user-friendly interface for academic webpages – I highly recommend it
—Michalis Averof, CNRS researcher
Owlstown is the best and easiest to use while also looking professional. And the prebuilt templates save so much time in creating webpages, document uploads, etc.
—Debrielle T. Jacques, PhD, Professor
Taking a go at building an academic website and so far its been pretty smooth using Owlstown!
—Daniel Bullman, MPH, CHW, PhD student
Yes, we've been happy with Owlstown! Really easy to use and keep updated, looks great on computer and app versions.
—Ada Weinstock, Professor
I loved using Owlstown, was super easy and fun to set up my website, plus you get a lot of personalised support from the creator whenever you need it. 10/10 would recommend
—Samantha Lopez Clinton, PhD student
Just put up my academic website with Owlstown, which has one of the simplest interfaces I've seen for a website maker🙌
—Simen Bø, PhD student
Feels great to have my research updates, CV, #scicomm, and blog all in one place - check it out 👀 Thanks to Owlstown for making it easy and free to set this up 💻
—Clara Stein, PhD researcher
I tried Google Site and GitHub, both are required some efforts, especially for adding new publications, so I stopped updating eventually. Have been using Owlstown recently, works great so far, easy to use, I like the 'automatic loading publications' feature.
—Wu Taotao, Professor
If you are on the job market (or will be in a few years) and need an easy place to make a website — I recommend Owlstown! Easy to use, friendly owner, looks good on mobile unlike my last trash site, etc etc
—Peter Nencka, Professor
Owlstown is an amazing platform for the creation of academic websites. Highly recommended.
—Nigel Temperton, Professor
As a PhD scholar myself, I use Owlstown for my site. It's simple, easy to setup (max 1 hr) and easier to update in future.
—Prabhu P, Doctoral Scholar
Ok, I followed all your advice and made a website, quite happy with it if I say so myself. Took me an afternoon and zero source code with Owlstown.
—Dr. Claire S Laxton, Post-doctoral Associate
Owlstown has amazing templates and I particularly like the option to import publications. You also don't have to worry about building a website from scratch.
—Luzeena Raja, Doctoral candidate
Owlstown is very easy to use and affordable compared to other platforms. Highly recommended.
—J.I. Janairo, Professor
Shoutout to Ian at Owlstown for his hard work creating a website platform to best meet his users' needs. I emailed him with a question about a feature. He asked follow up questions, listened to my ideas, and put it on his list of elements to add. Just good quality service!
—Rachel Kirby, PhD, Lecturer in History & Literature, Harvard
I just created a website for myself using Owlstown in less than 30min! (29min spent on brainstorming fun facts about myself 🤣) 🦉 is so easy to use and the default themes are very aesthetic!
—Ruilin Yu, PhD student
Owlstown for sure!! Ian is always around to answer questions asap. I love the platform!
—Jacqueline Shaia, PhD student
I recently made my website on Owlstown - what a great and smooth experience! I had it up and running in 2 days. Making my website on Weebly had been dragging on for months.
—Vrinda Ravi Kumar, Postdoc
Thank you for making such a great academic tool that is also available at a reasonable price. I am excited to continue updating my page.
—Ryan Houser, JD, MHA, MPH, MSc, EMPS, NRAEMT
I hadn’t tried building a website before, and what convinced me to try Owlstown was that it was made specifically for academics.
—Rachel Michelle Gunter, Professor
Owlstown is tailored towards faculty websites making it quick to get my website up and running and easy to maintain a professional look and feel.
—Erin Walker, Professor
I find Owlstown amazing and super-smooth to build academic webpages. Congratulations on having built such an amazing platform. I will tell my friends in academia about it!
—Guillermo Lorenzo, Postdoc
I don't know much about web developing, and actually don't have time to learn to create my personal website. Yet, Owlstown was what I was searching for: fast, user-friendly, and easily handled.
—Mohamed Ragab, PhD student
Owlstown is amazing! I really liked the easy-to-use interface -- it is so easy to maintain an academic website, quite neat. Would definitely spread the word about Owlstown around. Keep up the amazing work!
—Krishn Bera, PhD student
It is the first actual website template for academics I have encountered in my life. Many templates claim to be for academics but are not built by people who know what academics want. This template does just what I need, so consider me happy.
—Geert Verhoeven, Archaeologist
Thanks so much for your help, and for creating this platform-- I had a hard time designing a website using other tools and kept putting it off, but with Owlstown I was up and running within a few hours!
—Rachel Gregor, Postdoctoral fellow
Owlstown is an easy, fast service to create personal academic websites. In less than an hour, I could make the first version of my website without any hassle for buying a domain, hosting the website, or coding.
—Fateme Rajabiyazdi, Professor
I'm so pleased to have found Owlstown! It requires zero coding skills. It knows what academics need--so I haven't had to try to "squeeze" my academic profile into a template that doesn't fit.
—Melody Waring, LSW

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