All the features you need to create a great academic website.

Starting is easy
With Owlstown, there is no complicated server or code to setup. Select a theme, write your name, import some publications. Voila, you have an academic website!
Stay updated
Owlstown gives you the tools to keep your website updated easily. Update your list of publications with a click of a button. Edit your content while on your desktop or on your mobile device.
All types of content
Create and maintain different types of academic content. Owlstown supports publications, projects, people, courses, news, custom pages, contact info, CV, and social links.
Beautiful themes
Select from a set of themes specifically designed for the needs is academics. Customize themes with your favorite colors and fonts. Add banners and images to make your pages visually appealing.
Mobile-friendly websites
Your academic website will look great on every screen: desktop, tablet, or mobile. Without the hassle of fiddling with HTML or CSS.
Collaborate with others to add content to your academic website. Perfect for labs, research groups, and organizations.
Add publications easily
Powered by Semantic Scholar, find publications quickly and click to add them to your website. You can also import a BibTeX file of your publications.
Expand the reach of your research.
Lots of features to help your research reach more people. Get featured on the Academic Gallery. Sitemaps for search engines. Sharer widget for visitors to share your website.
Run by an academic
Owlstown is not a fancy startup or a big company, but a passion project by me. I spent 7 years to get my PhD. I know the challenges of sharing your research. I'm here to help and respond to all emails personally.
Academic Domains
All Pro plans come with a free Academic Domain. Academic Domains are professional domains that have academic endings:,,, and
Custom domains
Use your own domain for your Owlstown website and create SEO-friendly pretty URLs. We take care of hosting and SSL certificates for you.
Contact form
Make it easy for people to send you a message with a contact form on your website. The form uses reCAPTCHA to protect your website from spam.
Pageviews and analytics
View daily website pageviews in beautiful graphs. You can also add Google Analytics for additional insights into your website traffic.

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