Create CNAME record on Google Domains

These instructions are part of setting up the custom domain of your academic website. Visit Custom domain setup.
Go to your Google Domains dashboard and select your custom domain.
Select the DNS settings tab on the sidebar.
Scroll to the Resource Records panel and enter the following:

Host name: www
Don't enter your Owlstown domain for the data value of the CNAME record. This is a common mistake.

You must enter for the data value of the CNAME record.
Click the Save button.
All set! You’ve successfully created a CNAME record for your academic website's custom domain.

Make sure that you complete the rest of the steps to set up the custom domain of your Owlstown website.
CNAME records can take up to 24 hours to propagate across the Internet. So if visiting your custom domain doesn't work, try again throughout the day.

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