Reviews about Owlstown

What our users have to say

"I recently made my website on Owlstown - what a great and smooth experience! I had it up and running in 2 days. Making my website on Weebly had been dragging on for months."
Vrinda Ravi Kumar, Postdoc, Czech Academy of Sciences

"Thank you for making such a great academic tool that is also available at a reasonable price.  I am excited to continue updating my page."
Ryan Houser

"I hadn’t tried building a website before, and what convinced me to try Owlstown was that it was made specifically for academics."
Rachel Michelle Gunter, Professor, Collin College

"Owlstown is tailored towards faculty websites making it quick to get my website up and running and easy to maintain a professional look and feel. "
Erin Walker, Professor, University of Pittsburgh

"I find Owlstown amazing and super-smooth to build academic webpages. Congratulations on having built such an amazing platform. I will tell my friends in academia about it!"
Guillermo Lorenzo, Postdoc, University of Texas at Austin

"I don't know much about web developing, and actually don't have time to learn to create my personal website. Yet, Owlstown was what I was searching for: fast, user-friendly, and easily handled."
Mohamed Ragab, Ph.D. student, Nanyang Technological University