Owlstown vs. Squarespace

Squarespace is a great website builder that is used by individuals and businesses that have complex needs for selling products and analytics.

Owlstown has a free version, while Squarespace doesn't. If you're just starting to share your research online, Owlstown is a great way to start. Owlstown makes it easy to update your website, so you can grow your online presence easily.

Squarespace is also extremely expensive. You'll be paying $16/month for Squarespace's cheapest subscription. On the other hand, it's only $6/month with Owlstown.

Both Squarespace and Owlstown offer 50% discounts for students. However, Squarespace is only for the first year. With Owlstown, you get the discount as long as you are a student.

Owlstown offers features specific to the needs of academics. Import your publications with Import Wiz. Templates for projects, courses, blank, blank.

Your website is featured on the Academic Gallery, so your website reaches other academics. You are among a community of academics in the Academic Forum.

Owlstown lets you focus on sharing your research content, rather than spending all day working on templates and automation workflows.