Publications List Block

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Use the Publications List Block to list all of your publications.

Show links

Turn on the Show links switch to show links below each publication.

To edit the links of a publication, go to the Page tab in the Publication editor.
An example of showing links under a publication

Show Altmetric badge

Turn on the Show Altmetric badge switch to show an Altmetric badge below each publication. The publication must have a DOI value for the badge to appear.

There are two ways to assign a DOI value to a publication.
  1. Click on the Entry tab in the Publication editor and enter the DOI value in the DOI (Document Object Identifier) field.
  2. Click on the Page tab in the Publication editor and add a DOI link to the Extra links section. The name of the link must be "DOI".
An example of showing Altmetric badge under a publication


This block can list your publications by section.

To assign sections to your publications, go to the Publications editor.

For each publication, go to the Options tab and select the Section name field.

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