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Show multiple pictures by adding a picture gallery to your academic website.
Screenshot of an example picture gallery
The picture gallery automatically lays out your pictures into a justified grid. A justified grid displays your pictures in rows while maintaining their aspect ratio.

Clicking on a picture opens a lightbox, so users can see a bigger version of the picture. Users can use the left and right buttons to click through the rest of the images.
The lightbox showing a picture from the picture gallery.

How to use

Add a Picture Gallery block to your page content. Click the Add button to select the pictures you want to appear in the gallery.
The Picture Gallery block with some selected pictures
You can set a caption to each picture. Your caption will also be used as the alt text of the picture, which is good for accessibility.

If you don't want captions to appear in your gallery, turn off the Show captions switch. Any captions that you write will still be used as the alt text of the pictures.

You can edit the order of your pictures by clicking on the Sort button. Drag buttons will appear on the pictures. Drag these buttons to re-order the pictures. Click the Done button when you're done.



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