Reasons to have an academic website


“You should create a website & upload all those papers that you aren't allowed to upload on academia or researchgate so that scholars who do not live in developed countries can access your work. Please do not only think from the viewpoint of hiring; other things matter too.” by @AKSharma2019


“It’s a great idea to have a website. You have complete control over the content and it’s not tied to a particular employment. Also yes they do appear on Google (my personal website is the first hit when you search my name). Not a waste of time at all.” by @lovermob

“I don’t have one, but I think it is super useful to find a coherent description of someone’s profile. There is so much information about us online, but it is hard to piece everything together” by @lgascajimenez


“I have one and it was very useful in the hiring process of an undergrad. They could all explore the website to get an official idea about the work” by @TayJTempleton
"But coming up in multiple search results is a good thing when someone wants to look you up after a talk, is finding reviewers, sees your name on a possible speakers list, etc.
So having your own web presence beyond your department/lab is good." by @PlantPathSecret

"Yes. Search committees definitely “google” the name of the candidates to get further info about them. Make sure when you make your web page it actually shows up in search engines. For content, cv, publications, research interests and links to previous video talks will help." by @nilyapici

"Can really give you a chance to display a lot of things that are hard to do in a CV. I’ve visited websites, GitHub repos, etc when on selection committees and they have really helped differentiate candidates" by @GastonGenomics