Create CNAME record on Namecheap

These instructions are part of setting up the custom domain of your academic website. Visit Custom domain setup.
Sign in to Namecheap and go to Domain List (direct link).

On the Domain List page, find the row of your domain name. Click the Manage button.
The Domains List page
On the manage page for your domain name, click on the Advanced DNS tab.
The manage page for your domain name
On the Advanced DNS tab, click on the Add new record button.
The Advanced DNS tab
Enter the following info:

Type: CNAME Record
Host: www

Then click the green check mark icon.
All set! You’ve successfully created a CNAME record for your academic website's custom domain.
Make sure that you complete the rest of the steps to set up the custom domain of your Owlstown website.
CNAME records can take up to 24 hours to propagate across the Internet. So if visiting your custom domain doesn't work, try again throughout the day.