🦉 Owlstown Newsletter #45

September 30, 2022

Hello Owlstown Friends! Here’s your update of what’s happening in Owlstown. For feedback, questions, and bugs, email me at [email protected] or message me on Twitter.
Ian 🦉

What's new

Introducing The Academic Gallery. It’s a website where you can discover academic websites by PhD students, faculty, researchers, and scientists.If you have an Owlstown website, your website is already in the gallery. If not, let me know. Make sure your site has at least your name, contact info, and a short bio. +1 for a site avatar and project descriptions.
You can now set the alignment of several blocks (text block, Markdown, and callouts). I also updated the menu UI across all blocks.
You can now add mathematical equations into your text using LaTeX math format. More details

From the community

Brittany Trinh, Jennifer van Alstyne (The Academic Designer), and I are organizing a contest for the Best Personal Academic Websites.

Taotao Wu invites PIs, postdocs, and students to join a Slack workspace on biomedical engineering and health science.

Patrik Jansson shared a presentation video and slides on Domain-Specific Languages for Societal Challenges.

Luz Ospina wrote The Authoritarian Personality: Preparing Your Data.

Bahruz Jabiyev posted Biological Inspiration.

Greetings from Owlstown!

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