Owlstown Link Pages is now Academic Link

November 30, 2022

Several months ago, I asked Twitter whether it would be useful to have a LinkTree for academics.
Responses to this question inspired me to create Owlstown Link Pages, which made it easy to create a page that links to all of your academic profiles (Twitter thread).

Over time, I had some ideas to improve Owlstown Link Pages, which I am now renaming to Academic Link (See homepage for details). Here are some of the improvements:
  • An academic domain name:
  • Updating your Owlstown website automatically updates your Academic Link
  • Academic Link automatically links to your Owlstown website and CV
  • You can add longer text content
I've automatically transferred data from Owlstown Link Pages to Academic Link. I've also started redirecting Owlstown Link Page to Academic Link. For example, automatically goes to I'll have this redirect working for a year, so if you have any links that point to Owlstown Link Pages, replace them with the new Academic Link URL.
The new look of Academic Link
Editor for Academic Link

Greetings from Owlstown!

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