Your academic website should have your contact info

September 26, 2019

Okay, so you have an academic website. That’s great!
Now, make sure that you have your contact info is on that website. And make it easy to find.
You’d be surprised how many academic websites don’t have this information or make it difficult to find.
Here’s a checklist of information to include:
Definitely don’t forget your name.
This is helpful so people have an idea of what questions they can ask when they contact you.
If you are comfortable sharing a picture of you, feel free to add it. This way, people can put a face to your name.
Primary method of contacting you
Most often, this is your email address. But you could also put your phone number. Or other ways to contact you on IRC, Slack, Skype, etc.
Links to your academic profiles, ResearchGate, Google Scholar
Links to social media
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
Time and address for office hours
If you offer office hours, don’t forget to include the time and the address of your office.
Mailing address
If you want to receive mail. Otherwise, you can leave this out.

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