Member Highlight: Melody K. Waring

October 30, 2019

This week’s member highlight is Melody K. Waring. She has been using Owlstown since June 2019. You can find her academic website at
Melody is in her fifth year of doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Social Work. Her research asks how social policy can alleviate the pressures of poor families navigating both unpaid family caregiving and labor force participation in low-wage jobs.
Melody is currently on the academic job market. She started using Owlstown to create an academic website where she could share her publications, projects, research statement, and teaching statement.
The following is Melody’s description of Owlstown.
As a graduate student on the academic job market in 2019, I knew I wanted to have my own website. But I have a limited budget and did not have any time to spend learning new programming languages. I shopped around at the major recommended sites -- and came across Owlstown in response to a Twitter poll. I'm so pleased to have found Owlstown! First, it's absolutely the best price for me -- even including the cost of setting up my own custom domain. Second, it requires zero coding skills. Third, it knows what academics need -- so I haven't had to try to "squeeze" my academic profile into a template that doesn't fit. (For instance, uploading and maintaining my CV is super easy.) Fourth -- and, honestly, my fav part! -- Owlstown's customer support is both fabulously patient and incredibly quick. Not sure where something goes? Ask! Think you're doing citations wrong? Ask! No idea what a custom domain is? Ask! 

Altogether, the intuitive template, price, and excellent customer support have made me get up and running with a website I'm proud of! I love my Owlstown site!

Greetings from Owlstown!

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