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How Owlstown helped their academic website.

Owlstown is tailored towards faculty websites making it quick to get my website up and running and easy to maintain a professional look and feel.

Erin Walker
Professor, University of Pittsburgh
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Owlstown is an easy, fast service to create personal academic websites. In less than an hour, I could make the first version of my website without any hassle for buying a domain, hosting the website, or coding.

Fateme Rajabiyazdi
Postdoc, McGill University
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I'm so pleased to have found Owlstown! It requires zero coding skills. It knows what academics need--so I haven't had to try to "squeeze" my academic profile into a template that doesn't fit.

Melody Waring
Ph.D. Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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I don't know much about web developing, and actually don't have time to learn to create my personal website. Yet, Owlstown was what I was searching for: fast, user-friendly, and easily handled.

Mohamed Ragab
Ph.D. Student, Nanyang Technological University
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I hadn’t tried building a website before, and what convinced me to try Owlstown was that it was made specifically for academics.

Rachel Michelle Gunter
Professor, Collin College
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It’s the first time I have an academic website. I created the website on Owlstown as a way to see how it works. I found it very easy - I didn’t even need Q&A to set up.

Thabang Mofokeng
Ph.D. Student, University of South Africa
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I created a website through @owlstown Highly recommend, it's free and easy!

Jennifer Lynn Buchanan
M.S. Student, Emporia State University
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