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November 21, 2021

So I’ve been working on a feature in Owlstown to increase the visibility of academic websites. I think academics are sharing a lot of great research on their websites and there should be a way to find that research easily.
The feature is called Owlstown Hub. It’s a space in Owlstown where you can easily find content from academic websites. Here are its features:


When you visit Owlstown Hub, the first thing you see is a feed of recently updated web pages across all websites in Owlstown. Click on a link on the feed and you will be taken to the web page for more details.
Owlstown Hub


You can see links to fresh content from a specific academic website by clicking on their Owlstown profile (example). You can click on links to their website and online profiles, such as Google Scholar, ORCID, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Owlstown profile of Alex Carrega (


With Owlstown Hub, you can search across all Owlstown websites. Discover academic websites about topics that you're interested in.
Search results for "psychology" (


Owlstown Hub has a directory of academic websites. This directory includes Owlstown websites and academic websites built outside of Owlstown. 
Directory of Academic Websites

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